John and Jo have lived at Park Farm for Forty years, the estate is a former medieval Deer Park and the farm house is over 400 years old. The land all around the farm is steeped in folk lore and History and is in an area of outstanding natural beauty (AONB).

John is an experienced Forester and Woodland manager/countryside Ranger and has been running wildlife and Countryside related courses at the farm for over 20 years.

Jo is an ex Hotel owner, she prepares all the lunches and dinners for the courses from fresh local produce.

Both John and Jo have BDS (CRB) certificates and are first aid trained, as is other staff at Park Farm.

They are both passionate about the Countryside and all within it, the farm is run by their son and is in a Higher

Level Stewardship which allows the farm to be run in a wildlife friendly way. The dwellings on the farm are all heated by woodfuel from the farm woodland, electricity is generated by a wind turbine.